The inaugural meeting for the Club was held on January 13, 1960 in the King George Hotel. There were 12 people
who attended this first meeting. They had an impressive guest speaker in the person of Cecil Tannahill from Regina
to start things off for the Club. He was the foremost numismatist in Saskatchewan.
From this initial meeting the Club has continued to hold their meetings the first Wednesday of each month from September to May.
Over the years the Club has met in numerous locations including the Saskatoon School Board Office, the Nutana School,
the Dairy Pool Building, the Rothmans Building, the Saskatoon Public Library, the Saskatchewan Abilities Council on Louise Street and the Club's present location at Mayfair United Church at the corner of 33rd Street West and Avenue I North.

Here is a copy of the letterhead that was used for all club correspondence around the 1965 era:


From these initial 12 people in its first year the Club grew to 39 members. The number of members in the Club has varied
over the years from a low of 35 in 1979 to our current high of just over 100 (and still growing).
While not all are active in the club, meeting attendance typically hovers between 30 and 40 people. The Club does not charge an
annual membership fee.

It is impossible to name all those involved in the formation and operation of the Club over a period of more than 50 years,
but we would be remiss not to mention the following individuals who were instrumental in the continuous operations of the Club:
- Ray Gauthier, our first club president,
- Eldred Bowes who attended the first meeting and formed a great collection of Hudson Bay material,
- Mr. Bill Drinkle, an active club member and the first coin club treasurer,
- Frank Harding, collector of Saskatchewan numismatic material and CNA Director for Saskatchewan,
- Ron Rogal, cataloguer of Saskatchewan Numismatic material and long time Coin Club and Coin Show Executive member
- Cliff Beattie, who was the President of the Club for more than 30 years, and continues to make major contributions to the success of the Club.
He is also the past Chair of the Coin and Stamp Show committee but has retired from that position.
There are certainly many others that could be mentioned but space does not permit it.

Coin and Stamp Shows

The Club put on its first coin show in 1962 and held a show each year until 2009. Due to the German Club having an unfortunate fire
just before the annual show in 2009, the streak of 47 consecutive shows came to an end. However, a new streak began again in 2010 when
the Annual Coin and Stamp Show was held at the Ramada Hotel & Golf Dome.
Starting in 2018 the Coin and Stamp Show moved back to the German Club (now known as the German Cultural Centre).
It should be pointed out that since 1965 the Saskatoon Coin Club has worked in cooperation with the Saskatoon Stamp Club to put on a
combined Coin and Stamp Show. This arrangement of coin and stamp clubs working cooperatively to put on a show is quite unusual and has
proven beneficial to both clubs.

The following images make up the official program that was handed out to the attendees of the first joint Coin and Stamp Show in 1965 (click to enlarge):

Coins and Medallions produced for the Sasktoon Coin Club

NOTE: Special thanks go to our club's resident Master Yoda of all things token, Ron Rogal, as well as our retired club president Cliff Beattie for
offering their boundless knowledge of the club's tokens. Without their help and diligence all these years, this section of the club's history
would have been scattered to the four winds...

Over the course of the past 60 years the Coin Club has produced an array of numismatic material.
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