The inaugural meeting for the Club was held on January 13, 1960 in the King George Hotel. There were 12 people who attended this first meeting. They had an impressive guest speaker in the person of Cecil Tannahill from Regina to start things off for the Club. He was the foremost numismatist in Saskatchewan. From this initial meeting the Club has continued to hold their meetings the first Wednesday of each month from September to May. Over the years the Club has met in numerous locations including the Saskatoon School Board Office, the Nutana School, the Dairy Pool Building, the Rothmans Building, the Saskatoon Public Library and the Club's present location at the Saskatchewan Abilities Council on Louise Street.


From these initial 12 people the Club in its first year grew to 39 members. The number of members in the Club has varied over the years from a high of 97 to a low of 35 in 1979. The Club presently does not charge membership fee to join or an annual fee and has a membership in the high 90s.

It is impossible to name all those involved in the formation and operation of the Club over a period of 50 years, but one would be remiss not to mention the following individuals who were instrumental in the continuous operations of the Club: Ray Guathier the first president, Eldred Bowes who attended the first meeting and formed a great collection of Hudson Bay material, Mr. Bill Drinkle an active Club member and the first coin treasurer, Frank Harding collector of Saskatchewan numismatic material and CNA Director for Saskatchewan, and Ron Rogal cataloguer of Saskatchewan Numismatic material and long time Coin Club and Coin Show Executive member. Cliff Beattie has been the President of the Club for nearly 25 years and continues to make major contributions to the success of the Club. There are certainly many others that could be mentioned but space does not permit it.

Coin and Stamp Shows

The Club put on its first coin show in 1962 and held a show each year until 2009. Due to the German Club having an unfortunate fire just before the annual show the streak of 47 consecutive shows came to an end. However, a new streak began again in 2010 when the Annual Coin and Stamp Show was held at the Ramada Hotel & Golf Dome. It should be pointed out that since 1965 the Saskatoon Coin Club has worked in cooperation with the Saskatoon Stamp Club to put on a combined Coin and Stamp Show. This arrangement of coin and stamp clubs working cooperatively to put on a show is quite unusual and has proven beneficial to both clubs.

Club Coins and Medallions

Over the course of the past 50 years the Coin Club has produced an array of numismatic material including:

  1. - 11 wooden nickels to promote the Coin and Stamp Shows
  2. - 1 aluminum medallion
  3. - 1 nickel bonded $2.00 trade coin
  4. - 2 counter-stamped $2.00 trade coins
  5. - uniface gold, silver and bronze award medals
  6. - silver and bronze medals for the 1973 Canadian Numismatic Associations Convention that was hosted by the Saskatoon Coin Club

Golden Anniversary

On January 13, 2010, the Saskatoon Coin Club celebrated its 50th anniversary. To celebrate the Club's Golden anniversary a white and gold plastic medallion was produced along with wooden nickels using the same design. The obverse has the Club's logo which depicts a map of the City of Saskatoon superimposed over a wheel representing Saskatoon the Hub City. The reverse has around the outside of the medallion the words "Saskatoon Coin Club 1960-2010" and six maple leafs. The design for the centre has a St. Edwards crown and below the crown the words "Celebrating 50 Years".